The Flipside

Not an ordinary résumé

The Flipside is a résumé, but not an ordinary one. 
I’ve always been a knick-knack collector, and as a kid I used to rummage through old toys my Nonna collected. One day I came across a Zoetrope, and since then I've been fascinated by primitive animation. I decided to combine my adoration for this and knick-knacks to create the format for The Flipside: a flipbook.
There are three double sided flipbooks, each with different typographic phrases and colours to feel eclectic. The ambigrams allow each cover to be read when turned upside down, or back to front. Aside from the covers, all three flipbooks have the same illustrated content. A short video shows the contents of the pages, and the books surrounded by other knick-knacks and flipping objects. 
There are two sides to each flipbook. Side 1 “Knicks" shows the story of my hobbies, interests and things I cherish. Side 2 “Knacks" illustrates my education history and professional skills, or in other words, things I have a knack for. 
I want people to come out the other side knowing who I am better than if they read a traditional résumé. I also want to show my personality at the same time as talking about my skills as a designer.
Side 1 "Knicks" illustrates my hobbies, passions and general love for cake and corgis. 

Side 2 "Knacks" illustrates my skills & education history. Idea generation, artistry & craft, Billy Blue College of Design, illustration, building brands & identities, art direction, photography and creative thinking.

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