QUBE Productions

A production studio with a different perspective

QUBE Productions is a collaboration between Alex Quirk and Chris Benny. This compact production studio specialises in aerial videography, photography, and post production all done in-house by a small but dedicated team. Shooting in the studio or from the air, the team at QUBE see things from a different perspective. They create dynamic content for print and web, consisting mainly of automotive work for global brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Mercedes.
The challenge was to echo the unique perspective of QUBE's work in their identity, I looked to create an angular logo that hints to a different point of view. The nature of the name also lends itself to having a structured typeface. Wanting to eventually expand their portfolio, I looked at a way to explain diversity of work within the logo alone. Creating an identity animated by multiple colours, it suggests the work of QUBE is varied and ever changing.

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