Into The F*cking Wild

Bringing bling to hawker food

Staying motivated is important when you're constantly creating new work, and pushing the boundaries can feel impossible for every new project. We needed something to remind us that being a little wild will help us continue to create work we can be proud of as a studio. 
'Into The Fucking Wild' is a motto we strive to work by at The Creative Method; to leap into a world of ideas that challenge the way people see products and brands. Starting with a fuck-off sized mural in the studio, we then added some colour and developed products for the design team to help stay motivated at work.
The mural is a collaboration between Galima and Emma, illustrating two different perspectives on what it is to be wild. The mural was sketched out, then projected and hand painted onto a 10 metre wall in the studio.
Galima (left to 'F') focuses on wicked creatures and overgrown plants that create a wild environment. 
Emma ('F' to right) uses characters in disguise as a metaphor for switching on the creative side of the brain. Each character is dressed in a jungle costume, to get in touch with their wild side. These costumes represent a creative state of mind.

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