135 Press

A publishing house in a surreal landscape

135 Press is a small publishing company in the heart of rural Victoria. It started and continues inside a distinctly shaped house with views of rolling hills, giant rock faces and uninterrupted landscapes. These landscapes change every direction you look making it feel like you won't see the same view twice, telling a story I wanted to incorporate into the branding. 135 Press is Cindy Moussi's new project. Cindy's experiences were also something I wanted the branding to embody. 

The angles of Cindy's house form icons that are truly unique. The house's interior is a deep red, used as the hero colour of the brand. One of the prominent landmarks in the surrounding landscape, Hanging Rock, is used to develop the pattern's boundaries.
Memories of Cindy's travel and heritage form the colour palette. Combining these elements makes for an identity that tells the story of 135 Press; unique shapes, changing landscapes and colours of heritage.

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